Mil-Way FCU reports fraudulent corporate checks being distributed in credit union’s name Texarkana, AR, Nov. 28: Mil-Way Federal Credit Union has recently become aware of a scam in which fraudulent corporate checks, which are made to appear as if they have been issued by Mil-Way Federal Credit Union, are being presented as legitimate checks. The person(s) presenting the bogus checks is requesting immediate cash back.

At this time, within the investigation, the only notable difference between a real Mil-Way corporate check and the fraudulent corporate check is the name on the signature line. The fraudulent name being used on the check is “Bonnie Murphy”. Please be aware the scam artists may have several versions of the check in distribution with different names, therefore, Mil-Way requests anyone who receives a Mil-Way FCU corporate check to call Mil-Way’s main office in Texarkana, AR and verify the check’s validity. Mil-Way is working with local and federal law enforcement to investigate the ongoing crime and put a stop to it.

For More Information please contact:

Cari S. Brown

Mil-Way Federal Credit Union
Phone: 870-772-0661

Fax: 870-773-0126 or